Lawrence O’Donnell, a liberal shrill for MSNBC, had Herman Cain on his show yesterday. He could have asked about Cain’s ideas for the direction of this nation, for his thoughts on how to get 14 million people back to work, or anything else relating to the election cycle, or the mess we’re in.

But, he didn’t.

He accused Cain of being a draft dodger, accused him of ‘sitting back’ during the Civil Right’s protests of the 60’s, and pretty much said he had reaped the benefits of those protests without doing anything to earn them.

Really? What did YOU do, Mister Lawrence, to earn the freedom to shrill at someone else on television, attempting to slime a candidate that threatens your favorite politician with irrelevancy? Your bio doesn’t show any type of military service. Cain was an employee of the Navy Department working on ballistics research. Yes, Lawrence, he was actually doing something, you know, that helped the country.

What were you doing? Oh, that’s right. You were going to private school.Then on to Harvard. Wow, you really served your country, didn’t you, Lawrence.

Can I call you Lawrence? No? How about Larry?

If you want to see a complete hackjob taken down not one but several notches, take a look at this.


Cain 2012!