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Oh, me. Do you laugh or cry? Maybe both?

Herman Cain says ‘Stupid People are ruining America’.

And he’s right.

If you read my blog regularly, then you know I support Herman Cain for President. I also comment on a lot of things, here, although my primary reason for starting this blog was just to have a place to preview stories I have written.

I try to stay positive, and not say anything negative, except perhaps in a general sense. I often high-light items in the news, usually with a ‘are you kidding me’ feel. I mean, some stuff just defies logic. Or reason.

Recently I saw an internet fear monger commenting on Herman Cain. I clicked on the video to see what he had to say. I didn’t really expect it to be positive, but what I saw was just. . .well, sad. This person is strongly backing another candidate, and from what I’ve observed I think it’s fair to say that he thinks any candidate but ‘his’ is S A T A N.

Anyway, his tag line was that Herman Cain was ‘connected’ to Skull and Bones. You know, that Skull and Bones, from Yale University. Since Cain didn’t attend Yale, ( he went to Morehouse, and later Purdue) I was curious how they would make this connection. S & B has had only one other chapter, at Wesleyan University, and that ‘Beta’ chapter became another organization just two or three years later.

But, according to this internet personality, Cain was ‘in’ with Skull and Bones. How? Excellent question.

He worked for the Pillsbury Corporation. Yes, you heard that right. Cain worked for what this individual called the Pillsbury ‘Cartel’. I never heard of that exact term, and apparently neither have three different search engines. The only result I found linked back to this individual.

So, by working for Pillsbury, whose owner/founder/CEO etc. was a member of Skull and Bones, at Yale, Herman Cain is now apparently, by proxy, a Skull and Bones ‘associate.

I’ll give you a minute to digest that.

Stupid, yes? I mean,using this logic chain,  everyone who works for the Federal Government, serves in the Military, in whatever capacity, by default is ‘connected’ to President Obama. Which means they all are supporters of Bill Ayers, the WeatherUnderground terrorist, and Jeremiah Right. You remember him. He doesn’t like America much. Yeah, that guy.

See what I mean? How does this hold any water? Well, as the old Sesame Street song used to go, “there’s a hole in the bucket’.

So, why are these things just now being ‘brought to light’, as some put it?  The answer is simple.

Cain is becoming a threat to their candidate. No one took Herman Cain seriously before. Now, after a win in the Florida Straw poll, and the following Zogby Poll showing him in the lead, and the MSM now saying that Cain is in the top three of the Republican candidates, people are starting to take him, and his candidacy, seriously.

That means they have to attack him.

And this, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the best they’ve been able to come up with.

Cain has been called a racist. Jeneaane Giraflo, ( and yes, I know that’s mis spelled.I simply don’t care enough about her opinion to look it up) has called his supporters racist.

Seriously? I’m a racist now, because I support a black republican Presidential Candidate. My Hispanic wife will no doubt be shocked, shocked, to learn that she married a racist.

As a comedian once said, ‘you can’t fix stupid’.

We can, however, vote them out.

Take a look at Herman Cain for yourself. I’ll be addressing some more of these attacks in the days to come, and I’ll provide a layout of the 9 9 9 plan for everyone who visits here to see. Judge for yourself if it’s a good plan or not.

We need real leadership right now. This isn’t a time when we can ‘get by’ as we’ve done other times. Herman Cain is that man.