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Okay, so if you aren’t a Doctor Who fan, that was lost on you. But I really do want one. Not one of those fake one’s either, I want the real deal, lol. I know they don’t exist, but boy if they did, don’t you know that would be the shizznit. Yeah.

But then there’s be a ‘Sonic Screwdriver Control’ movement, saying that only the police and government could be trusted with Sonic Screwdrivers, and that the public at large shouldn’t be allowed to own one. Or they should be heavily regulated. Or taxed so much that only the very wealthy could afford one.

Ah well, probably a good thing we don’t have sonic screwdrivers after all. What would you call a drive by attack with a sonic screwdriver? Drive-by Screwing? Drive -by Sonicing? Think of the heyday the media would have with that one, heee!

Soon be off to Atlanta, in the morning in fact, to go to Dragon Con. Looking forward to the trip, for once. Should be a nice drive, if everything goes okay. Be nice to get out. Some of my favorite authors will be there, and a couple are even giving clinics. Doubt I’ll be able to attend, but you never know. I might get a tip here and there.

Hurricane Irene apparently wasn’t hurricane enough for some people, and now they’re complaining about the ‘over hype’. Really? Hurricane hits New York, and we’re mad because it wasn’t as bad as it was supposed to be? I had to have read that wrong.

But at least Irene didn’t interfere with Obama’s golf game. Or Biden’s trip to Vegas. I mean it would take a lot more than a hurricane that affects some 65 million people to stop that. But not to worry. Obama was receiving updates at every tee they say.

No one bothered to brief Biden. What was the point?

Anyway, I’m reading more and more about the mob attacks in major cities. Some seem to be motivated by race, while others are said to be triggered by the economic woes. Unemployment, assistance drying up or running out, etc. Sadly, most of them are of the race variety. It’s a shame. We could be so much better than that as a nation.

But then what would instigators do for a job? They might have to. . .gasp. . . work!


Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday, eats too much, drinks just enough, and stays out of trouble!

Until next time…………