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Well, it looks like we’re going to nerdfest……um, I mean DragonCon come Labor Day. I’ve never been, and like as not never would have, but my wife, who makes all the adult decisions in my life now, wants to go. Ergo, I want to go.

In all seriousness, I am looking forward to it. There are several writers there that are favs of mine, and some will be offering workshops for aspiring writers. That’d be me. Not to mention there are numerous other events and appearances on the docket. Since I’ve never been, I’ve been looking at their website, and it’s pretty cool. Basically there’s something for just about everyone who’s interested in any way in fantasy/sci-fi.

I’ve been reading about something called a ‘Day of Rage’. Apparently this is a mass demonstration set for Sept 17. The organizers seem to be angling for as many ‘peaceful protests’ in as many places as possible on that date. I do kinda have to question the idea of calling what are supposed to be peaceful protests a ‘Day of Rage’. Either it’s a misnomer, a mistake, or a mislabeling. Time will answer which.

Peaceful protests aren’t really in vogue at the moment, world wide, or here at home. Hopefully this event won’t end up on world wide TV.

I’m  currently reading “World War Z” by Max Brooks. The book is written in past tense, in the form of interviews with people who were a part of the ‘war’ against the zombies. It’s pretty well written and thought out.  I’m not quite finished with it, but so far it’s been worth the time.

On Netflix I found a three piece Masterpiece Mystery called ‘Sherlock”. Set in modern London, it does an excellent job of transferring Holmes, Watson et.al to the future. It’s witty, well written, excellently acted, and as true to Conan Doyle’s work as it can be and still be in modern London. I’ve always been a fan of Doyle’s work, and as what many would call a ‘purist’ I find the show masterfully done. Check it out if you’re a fan.

I’ve been watching some of ‘Doctor Who’ as well, when I have the time. Don’t get the BBC here, but there’s several seasons of the newest show available on Netflix. I admit to picking and choosing the episodes I watched, as there are so many of them. I especially wanted to see the episodes where Torchwood interacted with the Doctor, and I was not disappointed. Those episodes filled in  my questions about Torchwood very nicely indeed.

When the world is closing in, and you think you can’t take any more, remember that a good book, or a good television show can help you shut all that out, for a little while at least. Remember your local library, too. I use mine all the time. It’s not just for information, it’s also for entertainment. Your tax dollars are helping pay for the operations, so use them!

Be well all, and God’s blessings follow you!