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So I made my post yesterday about the stock market, then it rebounds. Now all of sudden this morning, it’s down again, wiping out everything from yesterday it looks like. I have to admit, I’m far from an expert on the markets, but this kind of volatility can’t be good. For the stockholders or the economy in general.

On the political side, in Wisconsin recall elections yesterday, four out of six Republican state senate members managed to hold their seats, in spite of over $30 million in spending. If I read the news reports right, that was more than was spent on the gubernatorial election is Wisconsin in the last election. Lot of interest in that one.

Also, California passed a law that will award it’s electoral college votes to the presidential candidate who wins the popular vote. Completely opposite of how the electoral college is supposed to work. Our representative republic was established in such a way as to make it impossible to negate on states votes based on simple numbers. That’s the whole purpose.

Opponents of the EC have been trying for years to eliminate it, claiming it was unfair or undemocratic. People like to throw words like ‘democracy’ around a good bit, but the USA wasn’t established as a democracy, but a representative republic, with tools like the EC to level the playing field between larger and smaller states. Monkeying around with that system is not a good thing to do.

As the saying goes, ‘only in California’.

Unrest continues around the world as things seem to be going from bad to worse. Word from NATO now is that plans are in place, or in development, for an ‘intervention’ in Syria. After how well Libya worked out, we should all feel much better.

I love this country. Love it on a truly passionate level. There’s nowhere I’d rather be. Nowhere I’d rather live. But there are times when I wonder why we can’t simply let other nations deal with their own issues, and stick to our own knitting. Don’t mistake that as a dig at President Obama, because he’s far from the first President to stick our camel’s nose under someone else’s tent,

Our most recent past congress was more concerned with ‘light bulb bills’ than with making a budget for this nation. As a result, our budgeting and ‘borrowing’ debate went to the wire, after the current administration hit the panic button in an effort to scare the people into rushing to their congressional offices demanding that the debt limit be raised.

And our credit rating was downgraded anyway, despite Geithner’s assurance that it just ‘wasn’t going to happen’.

In all honesty folks, there has to be a place where WE THE PEOPLE say no more. Where we say ‘enough’.

I hope that point comes before another point. The breaking point.