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Where to start?

Wisconsin State Fair, I guess. Fairgoers leaving the fairgrounds were attacked in large numbers the other night. Most witnesses, and victims, according to multiple news sources, claim that the victims were white, while the attackers were predominately black. If these statements are true, then according to most liberal thinkers, that means these attacks were hate crimes. Where’s the outrage? I haven’t seen it.

London, Birmingham, and three other Brit cities are in flames after a third night of rioting, apparently started by an incident where a self proclaimed ‘gangsta’, ( geez is that even a real word?) shot at a police officer, and was shot in return, and killed. While some feel the rioting is a justified response to the shooting, many others seem to just be taking advantage of the situation to loot. And destroy.

Philadelphia, I read just this morning, has resorted to a strict curfew for the foreseeable future in an effort to stop ‘flash mob crimes’ in that city. This seems to be a trend, since Chicago has seen similar attacks, as well as other large cities to a lesser degree.

The US lost it’s AAA bond rating Friday last, and the DJ dropped like a rock yesterday in response. In fact, as THE GREAT ONE spoke to the nation, the markets kept right on dropping. I’m not, as a rule, much of a ‘basher’, but I have to say that up to now, O’s handling of this nation hasn’t really been stellar. Well, it hasn’t been anything but pitiful, really. Even those who ‘believed’ realize now that the promises he made to get elected weren’t really possible. But do you blame the man who made the promises? Or the voters who were naive enough to believe them in the first place?

There’s plenty of blame gaming and finger pointing going on with the Congress, as each side attempts to blame the other. That’s awfully helpful, don’t you think?

I’ve been a conservative all my adult life. Leaning toward Libertarian. I don’t like other people meddling in my life, telling me what to do, (except for you dear, in case you’re reading this later), so the Libertarian thing really works for me.

Every time I look around, it seems as though I see one more layer of our Constitutional Rights taken away. Always in the name of ‘for the greater good’ or some other horse $h!t like that. And I’m tired of it. I think a lot of people are. No, I know they are. Because I listen when people talk, and they’re talking right now.

And they’re angry. Downright mad.

You can push too hard. Too far. Too much. And I think that the average American is getting to the point where they intend to start pushing back.

I’d say that, with all this anger at elected officials, this might be a good time for some no-career politicians to enter races. I’d say their chances are pretty good at this  point.

I know I’m ready to vote for damn near anyone who doesn’t have a permanent DC address.