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Just a note on emergency preparedness here.

It’s hot. Like, soul crushing, hair singing, oppressively, great balls of fire hot. The heat indices are running from 105-115 in most places, and a little higher in a few.

With that in mind, take precautions when traveling right now. Lay a small cooler in the car with water, in case you’re stranded. Check the coolant level in your radiator every day or so, to make sure that you aren’t losing fluid. Maybe keep a large umbrella in the trunk or behind the seat as an emergency shade source if you’re broke down somewhere on the side of the road.

It only takes a few minutes to do these things, and it could save you a of trouble in a pinch. Could also save your life, during the heat of the day. Heat stroke and exhaustion are both potential killers if left untreated for long.

So take precautions while traveling, be safe, and stay hydrated!