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I’m not sure I can remember the last time it was this hot for this long. We’ve had a few breaks here and there, mostly when it rained, but overall, it’s been really hot for at least four, maybe five weeks.

We’re accustomed to having some hot days, or course, but I think this is probably the hottest on record. I know that temp records have been broken several times in the last few weeks in places all over the country.

There are advisories everywhere not to be outside in the heat of the day unless you have to be, but I know that some people have to, because of their job. I hope they take precautions. If you’re out, be sure and stay hydrated, and if working, take frequent breaks.

In answer to some e-mails about the cats, yes they are mine. The orange one, named Wash after a character on the television series ‘Firefly’ had just had a bath when that pic was snapped. He was hating me pretty good right then, lol. The little Siamese in my gravatar is now a huge Siamese. He was given the name ‘Leonidas’ after the Spartan King. Failing to live up to that particular name, it was later shortened to just ‘Leon’, lol.

They pretty much run the place, since, well my wife runs the place, and she loves the cats, so I figured I might as well put them on here somewhere, lol.

My little site has gotten a lot of visitors the last few days, and I want to thank the people who have linked to my site, or spread the word in some other way. I hope those of you who have visited have enjoyed at least some of the stories. I write all over the spectrum, so hopefully everyone finds something they like.

A note about the Bonespear Chronicles. I don’t really hate Christmas. The Bonespear tales are written in first person, and the main character hates Christmas time because it complicates his work. Thus the title of the first chapter in the series. Hope that clarifies it.

I’m currently working on new stories, and still diligently working on those already here. It’s hot, so I don’t have a lot to do at the moment. I have to stay out of the heat according to the doctor, so. . .here I am. Writing.

Of course, I love to write, so it’s not that much of a hardship. I do hope I’m entertaining at least some of you.

Take care, and stay hydrated.