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Okay, I’ve seen the first five episodes of Sanctuary. It’s great! Totally new kind of role for Amanda Tapping, and she’s great in it. Always loved her on Stargate, and she’s just as good here, if not better. The show isn’t really like I thought, it’s much better. Basically, Sanctuary works to protect people, or non-people, who are ‘different’. They refer to them as ‘abnormals’. There’s no stigma in their protected world, just an opportunity to be safe, and to help others. It’s really cool, so far.

On to books! I have been reading Dean Koontz’s ‘Frankenstein’ series. I’ve read the first four, out of five, and so far it’s been a really good investment of my time. The books are entertaining, enlightening, and even thought provoking, while delivering large on action, suspense, and the signature ‘weird’ that is Koontz’s trademark. The man is good at weaving a tale, and keeping you both interested and entertained. If you get the chance, check the series out.

I noticed earlier that a tropical storm is heading toward Texas. While I hope no one is injured and property damage is at a minimum, I can’t help but think that the storm is a right blessing for many Texans right now. They’re in the midst of their worst drought in a very long time. I’m sure firefighters would have preferred to see that rain long before now, but I’m willing to bet they’ll take it later rather than not.