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I’ve been reading and watching about the terror attack in Norway today, (Friday). Details are confused at this point, but that’s only natural I’d say, considering the circumstances. The camp shooting. . .I mean seriously. Why the hell would someone do something like that. If I read it correctly, these were just kids. It takes a very tiny man, or woman, to attack children.

It takes something out of a community, a nation even, when their children are attacked. The Norwegians are a fairly strong people, but this is a hard blow. I remember how I felt after OK City. The images of the aftermath, with small bodies, broken toys.

It made me want to kill something. That someone would stoop so low as to include children in their stupid vendetta.

I don’t know how old these kids at the camp were, I haven’t seen any specific age group in the reports so far, though one 15 year old survivor was quoted in one report.

My heart goes out to those who lost family members or friends. This is a sad day for many.

They have arrested the man responsible, but that’s little comfort to the people of Norway tonight.