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Okay, let’s see. A few days ago there was a story about a 17 year old mentally challenged boy who was chased to his home, tased, pepper sprayed, beaten, and finally arrested, all for riding his bicycle on the wrong side of the road in Dayton, Ohio.

Then, in Midway, Ga, the police shutdown a lemonade stand where three girls were trying to make enough money to pay for a trip to a water park.

Not to mention the whole ATF ‘Gunrunner’ thing. Oh, if you don’t know, that’s where the ATF deliberately allowed weapons to be bought in the US and sent into Mexico, even when the dealers called the ATF to report the purchases as suspect.

I feel really safe. No, seriously, I do.

Why you ask? Well it’s simple. If crime has dropped so low that police have time to shut down lemonade stands, to assault a kid for riding his bike on the sidewalk, and so slow that they have to drum up business by not only allowing but encouraging illegal gun trafficking, well, I’d say the streets are pretty safe.

Okay, sarcasm is off now. I’ve been thinking about all this for several days, along with a few other incidents I didn’t even bother to mention since their stories are all over the net and the news. (Note that I didn’t mention the Anthony trial. . .well, I just did, but you know).

I really want to think, to even see, the best in things. But it’s pretty hard to do when I see crap like this. I mean, here the ATF is, allowing all these gun to slip across the border, while at the same time, the Obama Administration is trying it’s best to use the very cartel war the ATF was supplying guns to, (or at least allowing guns to get to) to justify further encroachments on the rights of American gun owners.

Gimme a break. How can anyone see stories like these, and not wonder about the fate of our nation? Is our society breaking down? Food prices are climbing, unemployment is at a near all time high, in absolute numbers if not percentage, more jobs are being lost everyday, gas is pinging from 3.50 to 4.00 a gallon. And while we can’t drill for our own oil, we apparently (we being the Obama administration) are willing to invest in Brazil’s oil production, and ask to be their ‘best customer’.

And all of these things ignore the ‘crisis’ of our national debt. President Obama ‘threatened’ to withhold Social Security checks, and even Veterans benefits, as a scare tactic to get the debt ceiling raised. Conveniently forgetting that he, himself, as a Senator, voted against raising the debt ceiling in 2006 for social programs. If we default, will it destroy our economy? Will our economy implode regardless?

Are we on a slippery slope like so many believe? I don’t want to think that’s true, but I can’t just ignore what I see going on. We no longer have a government that really thinks about what we, the people, need. It’s all about what those in power want to see.

They have ignored us. They have spurned us. They have gone against what we want time and time again. And not just the Federal Government, either. It’s easy to try and blame everything on Obama. But no one man can cause all of this crap. Congress plays a major part in all of these things. State and local governments are just as guilty. At what point did we lose control here? Did we ever have it?

I’m tired of having to see this crap. I’m tired of seeing our rights trampled under foot. I’m especially tired of hearing that our rights are being restricted ‘for our own good’ or ‘for your safety’.

Seriously? For our safety? I guess that’s why an illegal alien was able to fly commercial, across the company, without so much as a passport. Good job TSA!

We all need to take a serious look at the people we’re voting for. More than that, we have to start making these people accountable to us for what they do. If they don’t accurately represent us, whether it’s in Congress, or on the County Commission, or City Council, then we need to call them out on it, and when the next  election comes along, vote them out.

Eventually they’ll get the message. Someone will, anyway. We just have to keep at it until we find that someone.

What do you think?