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I’m like everyone else in the world, I guess. Sometimes when things just seem to be falling apart around me, and everything I do seems to turn out bad, I start feeling sorry for myself.

I get the ‘why me’ attitude, and look around at others who seem to have it better, and wonder why they deserve better and I don’t. I start to question what I might have done to ‘deserve’ so much downturn, or such a negative time.

And then, usually when I’m really in the midst of a good old fashioned ‘my life is so hard’ funk, I see someone who has it really bad.

And then I feel like a dick.

My life is ‘hard’ based only the expectations I have for said life. I see people around me who are in truly dire straits, and that’s when I am jolted from my ‘self pity party’ back into the real world, where people are hungry, sick, alone, abandoned, or any number of other serious problems, none of which I have. That’s usually when I realize how blessed I truly am.

I have a family that loves me. I have a wife that I adore and that cares for me unconditionally, just as I do her. I have a roof over my head, and I have plenty to eat. When I’m sick, I can see a doctor.

And there are millions who can’t say that, right here in this country.

I see parents who can’t provide for their children, people who are fighting tremendous odds to over come a physical or mental handicap, people who wonder how they will keep a roof over their heads, or even where their next meal is coming from. Unemployment is rampant, foreclosures are the order of the day.

Turns out I don’t have that many problems after all.

Once that realization hits me, I turn away from self pity, and count my blessings, which is what they truly are. I start looking for ways to help those less fortunate. I can’t do much, because I don’t have much. But even a kind word to someone who is ‘down on their luck’ came seem like a blessing to that someone.

These are just my experiences. I’d welcome yours, if you care to comment. Remember to be thankful for what you do have, before you start to shake you fist at the heavens over what you don’t have. I promise, you’ll feel better when you do.

And remember to be thankful for the men and women who have voluntarily placed themselves in harm’s way to protect those of us here at home.  It’s people like them, now and throughout the history of this country, who have made it possible for me to sit here and write this blog today, and for you to read it.

Thank you, all of you, so very much.