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I’ve thought for years that the United Nations was a poor joke at best. Now they have proven it. North Korea will chair, or be president of, the UN Nuclear Disarmament Conference.

Yes, seriously.

So let me get this straight. The nation most likely, or at least one of the two most likely, (can’t leave out Iran) to initiate a nuclear conflict will chair the UN’s Conference on Nuclear Disarmament.

I may need a moment to digest this.

Who in the hell is making the rules in the UN? I mean, would you hire a fox to guard your chickens? Seriously, who is in charge of assigning these ‘chairs’??!!?

North Korea is the single most prolific nuclear saber rattler in the entire world, and some UN jackwagon has decided that they should be in charge of a nuclear disarmament committee, conference, or whatever the hell they’re calling it. And who cares what it’s called? North Korea hasn’t got any business even being at the meeting. They shouldn’t even be in charge of table placements, and their ambassador will actually preside over it.

I keep waiting for the punch line. For someone to jump up and say, ‘naw, we’re just joshin’ ya around’. Sadly, no such announcement has been forthcoming.

I’ve decided to write my congressman, and both my senators. The USA has no business remaining in the UN. We certainly have no business funding nearly a quarter of their budget, when we can’t even pay our bills at home.

What do you think?