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It’s been a long time since I was excited about a presidential election. I’ve been annoyed, disturbed, concerned, even hopeful at times, but not excited. The truth is, it’s a rare thing to have a candidate you can be excited about. This time, I think it’s different.

I’m talking about Herman Cain.

This man is the real deal. A serious individual, a man who is self made, adept at solving problems, and perhaps more importantly, BALANCING A BUDGET!!! We all, I guess, try to ignore the debt crisis that our nation is in whenever possible. It’s frightening, it’s disconcerting, and it’s polarizing. It’s not just the Federal Government, either. Many of the states are in just as dire a strait. The latest state budget crisis seems to be looming in Minnesota, where failure to agree on a new budget threatens to shut down the state government there in just four days.

Something else that is bothering America is the increasing encroachment on our personal freedoms. I wrote just yesterday about the TSA mishandling of an elderly woman. There’s also the now infamous ‘gunwalker’ case, now before Congress. ATF allowing guns to flow illegally into the Mexico cartel wars, while at the same time our 2nd Amendment Rights are placed on the chopping block to stop those same guns from getting to Mexico. If these were the only problems we faced, I’d say we could all breathe a little easier. Trouble is, they aren’t.

There’s an old saying, ‘This is a poor way to run a railroad’. Well it’s a damn poor way to run a country as well. And it’s not just Obama, either, before you think I’m on some kind of conservative rant. It’s both sides.

I say it’s time for us as Americans to stand up and say Enough is Enough. It’s WE THE PEOPLE, NOT YOU THE GOVERNMENT!

With that in mind, I invite you to take a closer look at Herman Cain. http://hermancain.wildfireplatform.com

WE THE PEOPLE need a man of the people in the White House. Not a career politician, not someone who has been groomed from birth for a shot at the Presidency, but a man who has made his own way in the world, and isn’t beholden to anyone except WE THE PEOPLE.

I truly believe that Herman Cain might just be that man.

Enough is Enough. Take a stand. Refuse to follow those who aren’t leadership material anymore.

Let me know what you think.