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Okay, enough is enough.

I haven’t really responded in any real way to the outrages about TSA. In truth, I didn’t think my opinion, added to so many, would matter. That doesn’t mean that I don’t consider some of their actions an outrage, because I do. Even after my wife returned from Miami following  a death in her extended family, only to find that the lock had been cut off her bag for inspection, I didn’t say anything. What was the point, I figured.

But this morning, I read about a 95  year old woman, wheel chair bound and in the last stages of leukemia, being  forced to remove her Depends Adult Diaper for a PAT DOWN SEARCH! Are you freaking kidding me?

TSA’s response is that they know that terrorists take advantage of such things. Really? I guess that old Abdullah was able to get by the woman’s family and smuggle some Semtex into her under garment? I mean seriously folks, hasn’t this kind of outrage gone far enough? How much is enough? How much do we take before we finally stand up and say that’s enough, and no more?

I’ve seen this kind of thing before. Someone gets a job with a badge, a little bit of power, and WHAM, it goes to their head. Fresh out of the stock room at Wherever Mart, or from housekeeping at StayHere Inn, and we’ve suddenly got totally unprofessional people in a job that basically let’s them do pretty much anything they want to the people who are trying to fly from one place to another.

What does TSA stand for? Touch, Squeeze, Annoy. Feel free to add your own definition below. Right after you call your senators and congressmen and tell them that enough is enough.

Okay, rant over. Nothing to see here.