Well, Parno’s Company is finished, finally, and soon to be sent to the editors. A friend of mine is going to proof it for me, and then I’ll make the final changes, and send into the oblivion that is publishing. No idea what will happen after that. Well, okay, I do have an idea. It will be sent back, with a ‘thanks but no thanks’ form letter. Which will require me to imbibe mass quantities of fire water to get over. Sigh.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to work on another manuscript which I let get waayyy too large, and then out of control. I’ve got to get a handle on it somehow. And of course, there’s the follow up to Parno, which I already have an outline for, just in case the first one sells, and they want the other two parts of the story. (And oh, wouldn’t that be GRAND!)

I also had to break down and buy a new computer, since my old one is on strike permanently, I think. It still works, but it’s got computerheimer’s or something, since it looses it’s memory quite often these days. Cost me a lot of stuff, though I did manage to save most of the important stuff. I think.  Have I ever mentioned that I’m not really that gifted where the inner workings of a computer are involved? Yeah I thought I had.

I recently discovered the show Primeval, though, from BBC television. Hell of a show. Only got to watch the first three seasons, since that’s all Netflix had at the moment, but it’s really good so far. I had to find something to watch. I only watch three shows on tv, and all are on hiatus right now. Well, four shows counting Burn Notice, which is also on hiatus.

Anyway, I will hopefully one day in the not too distant future walk into a Barnes and Nobles, or Books a Million, and see my work on display. And then, I will get to say those awesome words;

Would you like me to autograph that for you?

I’ll be posting the opening chapters of a different work here soon. Meantime, I’m still writing Firefly fanfic, and have returned to the sixth Shade story, Sins of the Past. It will be done soon, and then so will Shade I reckon. We’ll see.