I’m a Firefly fan. I admit it. If there’s any nerd in me at all, it’s Sci-Fi. I love writing Firefly fiction, and have written a goodly bunch of it. It’a available on FanFiction.net. I won’t bother reposting it here, since the blog isn’t really about that.

The reason I bring this  up, is because I just saw an article about Joss Whedon, who invented Firefly, turning down the chance to do a ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ re-boot. New actors, et.al. This has always been a big thing with FF fans, bringing back the show.

Trouble is, it ain’t happening. Nathan Fillion is in his third season of Castle, and would be, well, stupid, to ditch that and go back anywhere near Fox.  Adam Baldwin is on Chuck. Morrena Baccarin is on V. All this means that there would need to be all new characters.

Which means it wouldn’t really be FF anymore.

There have been numerous TV spots the last few days highlighting a re-make of ‘True Grit’, which I called downright unAmerican. I mean, the nerve! Remaking a JOHN WAYNE movie? It’s. . .it’s. . .well, maybe it isn’t blasphemous, but it’s darn close, lol.

Having said that, I am impressed with the cast.  We’ll see if it measures up.

In the  meantime, I have to wonder, do any of you have movies/shows you’d like to see come back or be entirely remade with new casts? Or any that you think it would be just, well, wrong, to do so?