A word about my books


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Well, a few words, actually.

First though, an apology, at least of sorts. I’ve never been regular in updates here, and that’s my fault. I’m absent minded, and time gets away from me. When I’m working, nothing seems to penetrate my little world. My wife will literally have to come and get me and make me do stuff.

Like eat. Just for instance.

So I take full responsibility for not updating here more, but with the caveat that I just don’t realize how long a time has passed. I mean, here it is, October, and I’m still thinking ‘what happened to July?’

Another part of my more recent absence is far simpler. We suffered a death in the family that shook us to our core. For me, one reason I’m so far behind is that time seemed to stop on that day, and so far it hasn’t seemed to start again. Oh, life goes on and the world does keep moving, but for me, time seemed to be still. Stuck on that day.

On to today’s topic, however, which is my works in progress, and plans for the future. Before I say anything, however, I am forced to qualify it with this statement:

“Nothing written here is in any way, shape, form or fashion meant to indicate any scheduled releases of books, whether currently or in the future. The discussion here is about projects that I work on or am working on, and what that means in terms of any series work, or in hoped for stories or sequels.”


I’ve noticed a common trend that people often post in reviews that they hope the recent book in the Fire series, (Hellfire in this instance) is not the final book in the series.

It isn’t.

Fire From the Sky is an open ended series at the moment, and there is, at this point, no ending written or outlined. When I began the series, I decided that so long as I could create quality stories surrounding the Sanders family and their friends, I would continue to do so. At this point, for instance, I pretty much have the next two books, and possibly three books, mapped out. (depends on how much material there is, to be honest, as to how many books it will make). And again, I must warn all that this statement is in no way a promise of future release dates or deliveries. I use this blog to explain my actions and talk about what I hope to achieve.

What about Parno? Another regular question. The only answer I can give is that I am working on the fifth Parno book at this time. I can’t even guess at a finish or release date thanks to someone complaining that a ‘guess’ I once made about a book, or maybe a ‘I hope to be done’ about a book, was in fact a missed release date. They complained to Amazon, who in turn complained to my publisher, who knew what had happened and explained it to them. However, because of that and the trouble it causes, I have stopped entirely from ‘guesstimating’ on any release dates or even finish dates. I will tell you that I’m working on something, assuming that I am, and sometimes even guess at how much of it is finished, though I actually hesitate to do even that, now days.

This fifth book from Parno will likely be the last in this arc. That does not necessarily mean it is the last Parno book, though it may well be, I don’t know. But this book is supposed to tie up the loose ends and bring this arc of Parno’s story to a close. Again, not positively the end of Parno’s story, just the end of this part of it.

WHY does it take so long to get a Parno novel?  Well, because it’s hard to do, honestly. Hundreds of characters and a dozen or more minor plot lines, and that’s aside from the war and the major plot lines, take time to manipulate. I had no idea how much time, to be honest, until Parno and the follow on novels. It takes a lot of time just to fact check and back check to make sure that the current book isn’t directly contradicting something from three books back. So many moving parts and shifting people that it’s difficult to keep it rolling. So that’s why it takes so long. I never knew writing could be actual hard work until Parno. A mistake I shall not make again, 😀

Stormcrow? Stormcrow is important to me personally despite it not being much of a commercial success. There will be at least one more, Lord willing I live long enough, so that I can reveal a bit more about him and his story. Whether it goes on beyond that or not will depend a great deal on how well it does and what my time demands are on other projects. As important as Stormcrow is to me, there are other things I want to do as well.

SO, in summary, Fire From the Sky does not, at least yet, have an expiration date. I will continue to write that series so long as I can produce quality work for it, and there is a demand for it.

Parno doesn’t exactly have an expiration date, but this arc should end with book 5. Whether it goes further will depend on too many factors to mention. We’ll have to see.

Stormcrow will get a third installment at some point, and I hope it won’t be too much longer. I really do love his character and his story. I owe it to those who have read the first two books to bring his story further if I can.

The last thing before I go is reviews. Reviews, whether on Amazon or platforms like Goodreads, are priceless to an author. Good reviews are enjoyed, great reviews are adored, lol. But reviews, or even ratings, help books attract attention. The higher the rating, the better the chance a new reader might at least take a look at the book.

I mention this because of something that happened recently, which I posted about on my FB page. Hostile Fire, book 7 of the Fire series, had to date been one of my best reviewed books. I was surfing, looking for something to read (crazy, right?) when Amazon suggested I take a look at “Hostile Fire”, since it seemed like something I might enjoy. Laughing at the suggestion, I clicked on it anyway, tickled that Amazon had suggested it.

To find that Hostile Fire had at some point received a 1 star review. Just one, but there it was.

Since Hostile Fire had been so well received, I wondered what in the world had happened that someone was so disappointed in it, and I decided to take a look at the review.

To my surprise, the reviewer was commenting how much they had enjoyed ”all 12 books in the series”, but “there is no time frame for book 13 and I hate waiting.”


Imagine my surprise to learn that someone had read all twelve “Fire” books! Five of them before I had even written them!

I have no idea what the deal was, if maybe someone confused my books with someone else or what, but no matter. The point was that this is why authors ask writers to rate or review their books. Assuming you post a good review because you enjoyed the book, then that good review helps outweigh a review that was just posted as a way to ruin someone’s day. Apparently people really do scroll through and post bad reviews on books just for the heck of it. I wasn’t aware that was a thing until someone on my FB post suggested it. I don’t keep up with that kind of thing, so I learned something new that day.

Anyway, aside from stroking our egos (that’s humor and sarcasm together, there) reviews and ratings help books stay noticed and even attract new readers. So, if you have the time and don’t mind, consider leaving a review. Your favorite authors will all appreciate it 🙂

Fall has. . .fallen, it seems, and so I hope all of you enjoy the color change and the cooler weather. Please be safe when traveling as we seem to be having some weather extremes of late.

I appreciate all of you so much. Thank you for making N.C. Reed what he is. Without you, he would just fade away.




I’ve been absent for some time both here and on any social media platform. Truth is that my family has suffered a tragedy and I just. . .I just haven’t been able to think past that very often.

I’m still writing, because it’s therapeutic for me, but anything else has just fallen by the wayside for the time being. I’m sorry for any inconvenience, but hopefully you can overlook it.

I’ll be back. I haven’t left. I just. . .I need time to deal with what has happened.

God Bless,



Hostile Fire released early, and Odd Billy Todd audio book now available!


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Hello all!

Hostile Fire, the seventh book in the Fire From the Sky series, was released early, and went ‘live’ on July 9 rather than waiting until  July 18. Super thanks to Creative Texts in beating their deadline to have the book out!


Also! Great news about Billy’s audio book! There have been many requests for it, and it’s taken a good while to get done, but Billy is now available in an audio book. Here’s a link to the audio book.



I hope you enjoy both!




Hostile Fire – Fire From the Sky Book 7



Book #7 in the Fire Series, entitled “Hostile Fire”, is now available for pre-order with a mid July release date. This is the longest pre-order we’ve done as we are beginning to try and schedule books farther in advance. Here’s a link, if you’re interested.

Also, has anyone seen Avengers Endgame? I still have a chance to go and see it, but I’m wondering if it’s worth it. I think I already know I don’t like how it ends. Opinions are welcome!

Love to all and have a great Memorial Day. And please, take just a minute from the fun weekend to remember why we have a Memorial Day to start with. And who made it possible.






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I remember a song years ago called ‘Finally’. I can’t recall who sang it right now, since I just used all my memory to remember the song, but it was a good song.

A song with a name like that could describe me at the moment. After all this time, I have finally been able to finish Fire From the Sky book 6, and send it to the publisher. The title of the book is not Finally, but instead is Friendly Fire.

This Fire novel clocked in at just over 130k words, which is about 30-40k more than usual for a Fire novel.

I feel like I have gone ten rounds with. . .well, I can’t think of anyone, since I don’t keep up with fights anymore, but it would be somebody big and that punches like a mule kick.

Just as I was finishing, the tension bar for my computer ‘shelf’ decided to go on strike. I heard it and looked up just in time to get the top of my laptop computer right across the bridge of the nose. I thought ‘ow’, but it wasn’t that bad, right?

Few minutes later I feel something cold on my nose and reach up to wipe whatever it is off and my hand comes away bloody. My laptop top (and say that three times real quick 😉 )  had cut my nose and I was bleeding rather profusely. So. . . .

I also now LOOK as if I went ten rounds with someone who can punch like a mule kick.

At least now that I’ve managed to get book 6 finished, the stage is set for the next arc and I can probably get that working much better and maybe faster.

Assuming  I don’t get whacked again by my computer and end up with a concussion.

ON a completely different subject, I have yet to see Avengers;Endgame, and never saw Captain Marvel at all. I am feeling a bit ambivalent over the whole thing at this point, looking back at the mess made of the whole thing since CA:CW. I probably will see the movie, but. . .I know I won’t like it.

And I missed seeing the Aquaman movie in the theaters. Durn it.

I did however see that a new Dune movie is in the works, and appears to have a great cast, including said Aquaman, Jason Momoa, as Duncan Idaho. I have always been partial to the newer three part series over the movie from 1984, but I do admit to wondering how such a new movie now will play out. The effects should be pretty awesome, especially if they have a big budget, but they will have to step it up a notch to beat the series. We ‘ll see I guess.

So, it’s back to work for me, and hopefully faster now that I’ve gotten past so much change. I hope those of you who enjoy Fire will enjoy this latest novel and that it will have been worth the wait.

I appreciate all the notes wishing me well, and the encouragement you all send me. Sometimes that’s all that keeps me from giving up and just going fishing 😀

Thank you.



Where in the world is NC REED?

Well, it’s complicated.

He’s been sick through New Years, after which he had to go and have a test done. Routine they said. Just a thing. In and out, back home and done.

Then, after the test it was “we’re gonna need to do something else.”

So I had another. This time someone hit a nerve in my leg. Ever had that happen? No? Well, it’s like this. Imagine you’ve sat on your leg watching the full length version of Fellowship of the Ring, and then you get up to change over to “The Two Towers”.

Bam. Leg is asleep. Can’t walk on it, tingles, feels funny, hurts really.

Now imagine that it doesn’t go away for a month. At all. Nothing works.

Well, there you have it. You now know what it feels like when a ‘procedure’ (an insurance term for SURGERY) nicks a nerve.

And thus I have been in pretty much constant pain for. . .how long have I been gone again? Anyway. . . .

I have not been idle despite that, and BOOK 6 of the FIRE series is now just over 60% completed. This book will run longer than usual in the series as it introduces new characters and starts a new arc in the story, where the farm begins to emerge from isolation. This novel is somewhat transitional as it introduces the new characters and sets up interactions that will come into play down the road, establishing the foundation for the next four to six novels in the series. So while there is more dialogue than normal, all of it will be applicable to the new arc.



Many people have been wanting more information about a certain character. In BOOK 6 you will finally get it. Won’t say who cause it will spoil it, but if you think hard you ‘ll probably get it!


So, stay away from nerve injuries. “Sucks” does not BEGIN to describe it. Sorry for leaving you guys hanging like that, but I have seriously been miserable for so long I can’t remember. Love to all!



Happy Holidays? Humbug


I’ve gotten a lot of messages and mail the last few weeks about different things and  I’m trying to answer them now. Long story short, my entire household was struck with a severe illness that effectively ruined our ‘happy holidays’ and a good bit more.

As we recuperate and try to move forward I am slowly being able to get back into the groove, but I am behind in my schedule now. We had big plans for Christmas, though not so much for New Years, but all of that went down the pipe thanks to a nasty bug. No idea where we caught it even though we backtracked for several days trying to figure it out.

Meantime, as I said I’m gearing back up and trying to catch up, but I am hopelessly behind in my self appointed schedule and honestly still not completely well.

Ah, the holidays 🙂

Anyway, I hope your holiday was better and that you had a great time.